About Me


I’m a writer, website designer, gardener, and state employee. I ride horses, dig in the dirt, chop firewood, and build fences and sometimes furniture. I rototill, mow, plant, harvest, fertilize, cultivate, compost, and fix things. I write poems and books and help other people with theirs, and occasionally I build a website.

I’m probably not the best at any of these things, but I like doing them all, which is half the effort. Because my parents taught me how to work hard, I’m not afraid to try, which is the other half of the effort.

Sometimes I write poems to try to express myself better because words are pretty powerful tools if we arrange them in creative ways. I like trying that.

I don’t like to cook, but I like to grow things to eat, so I often just pick stuff from my garden and eat it right there. Like corn and raspberries. I used to own acres of u-pick strawberries and this year I’m going to sell u-pick raspberries. I can’t keep all the weeds out of my garden, and I’m trying to be okay with that.

I like chickens, too. I work hard to keep them safe from all the predators at my place, which is sometimes very time-consuming. I like sharing my eggs and produce from my garden and orchard with others.

I earned a master’s degree in English a few years ago and I’m glad I did. I feel a little bit smarter than I did before that, and I like putting “M.A.” after my  name. Still, most of what I know came from life experience, and I have a lot of that, too.

Here in this space I’m going to tell you a little about what I do, share some of my simple writing, and maybe inspire a few people to try something different. Although I make no claim to having a super power,  I’ve done a few things I’m proud of and I might be able to help you if you’re so inclined.

Website Design

A few years ago I got into website design and consequently have been hired to design some, such as http://moscowidaho.com; http://sesiknitting.com; http://duttonelectric.com, and http://dearyautosales.com. My prices are pretty fair and I work fast and efficiently, so the cost is typically less than other people.

Book Publishing

I’ve never self- published my own book (mine are published by other companies), but I’ve helped other people publish theirs, so I call myself a publisher. I can design books and take them all the way to production for you. My customers have all been happy with their books and say they would never have done it without my help, so that makes me happy. If you’re working on a book but don’t know where to go, just contact me and I can give you guidance.


I’ve edited dissertations, books, reports, non-fiction, and fiction. If you need some expertise in the field of English, I’m here.

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